Friday, August 14, 2009

Review: Young@Heart

So, Young@Heart came out awhile ago...2007 to be exact. But it seems that so few people I talk to have ever even heard of it, and after watching it for a second time tonight, I simply MUST recommend it. I'm definitely a fan of documentaries, not only because I find a certain satisfaction out of hearing a true story once in awhile, but also because I think it's a difficult genre to do well. This is one of my favorite documentaries, because it really captures the humanity of the story. The chorus is made up of older folks (not a single one younger than 70!) who love singing Rock and Roll songs by the likes of The Clash, David Bowie and Sonic Youth. Definitely a trip.

I haven't recommended this film to a single person who didn't then report back that they loved it. Every single person interviewed from the chorus is so full of life and they're all hilarious. They really seem to take life by the horns and refuse to go out with a fizzle. I think that's why the group has had such success worldwide, playing to audiences as diverse as local community theatre and the royalty of Norway. It's impossible not to love them, and to admire the work of their director, Bob Cilman, who helps these individuals take these modern popular rock songs and transform them into pieces that speak to the emotions of the lyrics and music.

There are truly some touching scenes in this movie, including one scene in which the group travels to a local prison and sing their songs for a bunch of hardened criminals. I seriously cannot recommend this movie more, because its impossible to watch it and not feel better inside. That may sound like an exaggeration, but its true. It makes you feel a little more vitality and joy about the parts of life us younger people take for granted. Everyone should see this movie. In fact, I demand it.

To see the trailer, check this stuff out!


Emily S said...

OMG this looks AWESOME!! Can't wait to rent it!!

Lacey! said...

You won't regret it. It's fantastic.