Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Awesome Picture.

So I sort of have this online friend named Chris I talk to occasionally. Tonight, he showed me this picture:

I must post this simply because it clearly takes the cake for best accidental photo with nerdy celebrities. It's far superior to any other accidental nerd celebrity photo I've seen, my hoodie shot with Mike Birbiglia included. Chris, if you haven't figured out, is the beardly fellow watching Ira Glass and David Cross play poker for a charity event which was held at 826NYC on July 26, 2009. Chris reports that Ira lost early on. Suck it, Glass.

He also once memorized many facts about Ulysses S Grant in order to have a historically accurate Halloween costume. And his senior photo showed him posed as Elvis Costello circa the This Year's Model album cover. Right now, he is well in the running to take the crown for "Coolest Nerd (In My Opinion)" of 2009. I dare any of you to contend with that. Yeah, I've officially just made it an annual contest. I expect some competition.

Full disclosure, you'd also have to contend with this visor. Great job!

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