Friday, August 21, 2009

Late Summer/Fall Movie Preview

Okay, so a lot of people talk about summer blockbusters, but it has never been my experience that summer is all that great for movies. At least, it seems, the movies I tend to like seem to always come out in the fall and into the winter, pushing themselves to the front of people's minds for awards season. All I know is there is a lot of stuff that either recently came out and/or is coming out soon that I'm really excited for. I figure it's my blogly duty to put it on your radar, no?

Coming Out: October 16th, 2009

This is a sort of follow-up to very lovely Paris Je T'aime and it looks good. It doesn't look as good as Paris Je T'aime necessarily, and I would definitely recommend that one see that movie before ever seeing this one, but I'm still excited. I loved the concept of a series of short stories creating one film, written and directed by people who might not necessarily write or direct (or who might, really). I can even set aside my distaste for Natalie Portman in support of the cause.


Out Now

I've heard nothing but good reviews about this movie and I'm really eager to see it. By the way, Keving Spacey is a robot! I'm not normally interested in sci-fi but this really does pique my interest.

Food Inc

Out Now, but generally in select theatres, you have to seek it out

I like documentaries a lot, and I've had this one on my radar for quite some time. I'm definitely excited to see it, even though I'm pretty sure I won't be able to eat anything but organic, local vegetables for at least a week after. Maybe I'll lose some weight?

Paper Heart

Out Now

I'm pretty pumped for this movie only because it has elements of mockumentary mixed with elements of fiction mixed with Charlyne and Michael were dating at the time for real (they've since broken up) and so it might imitate life a bit, too. It's bound to be an interesting mix of filmmaking. And the line about Applebee's? Classic.

The Cove

Out Now

Every review I have seen about this documentary says that it is heartbreaking, haunting, and very good. And suspenseful, to boot! I love the human layer that Ric O'Barry, the guy behind the film, was once upon a time the trainer for the dolphins that played Flipper. He actually witnessed a dolphin commit suicide by refusing to breathe. He feels this tremendous guilt about dolphins being kept in captivity for shows because he feels by making Flipper successful, he contributed to their popularity. What these Japanese fisherman do is technically legal, and majority of the dolphins used in captivity are caught in this cove, and the filmmakers want to expose the atrocities committed. It's almost like O'Barry's mea culpa, and I really like that element of it.


Out Now, select theatres

I haven't heard anything directly about this movie, but I have seen the trailer a couple different times now, and it just seems so sweet. It might have to do with my soft spot for people with Asperger's.

The Hurt Locker

Out Now

I'm not normally drawn to movies, but I've read some really good reviews about this movie that say it adds a really human element to the story and that the acting is impeccable. It was also directed by a woman, which doesn't sound like much of an anomaly but a woman directing a mostly male cast in a mostly male genre IS interesting. What I've read is that seeing a typical male topic as viewed by a woman reveals something new and different, and for that reason alone, I think it will be worth seeing.

Cold Souls

Out Now

Paul Giamatti plays himself in this movie, and it seems quirky and interesting. It almost reminds me of Being John Malkovich (a movie I love) and it seems like a great sort of dark comedy. I'm excited, at least.


Emily S said...

New York, I Love You didn't work. Moon looks pretty cool, but probably a renter for me. DUDE I would totally go see Paper Heart or Adam with you in a heartbeat. And Cold Souls looks like WTF but interesting so it has me intrigued :) Great lineup!

Lacey! said...

New York, I Love You should work now. I replaced the link. And yeah, I definitely want to see like, all of these movies.