Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Week (In My Opinion): Week of May 17th

Here are just a few of my opinions on things I've seen this week. Comments?


Sir, I cannot emphasize this enough: Your fifteen minutes are over. Just stop. Stop giving your opinion in Time articles, stop acting like your brief bit of vague infamy is cause for continuing commentary. You are not actually an authority, even in the post-iceberg Titanic of the current Republican Party. Move on with your life, sir.


I won't lie. This is maybe one of the worst movies I've seen this year. I went in expecting mild entertainment, and got INSANELY how bad this was. No, seriously. Conspiracy theory, overtly religious undertones, aliens, cliche imagery and factual misrepresentation (I'm not buying that the physics instructor conveniantly owns a pick-up instead of something like a Prius) and some truly bad dialogue. Oh, did I mention that it also features THE END OF THE WORLD?!!! I apologize if I gave that one away. No, I don't. It won't change your enjoyment of this movie, miniscule as it may be. However, if you like outright mocking terrible movies, this is a gem.

"Help, I'm Alive" by Metric

I've liked Metric for quite some time, and this song really takes the cake for me. I can't stop singing it. I wager you will also have a difficult time not singing it to yourself.


I'll keep my words brief on this one, because I only need one sentence to sum up:

I can't stand Sci-Fi, and Star Trek was STILL really good.

Go see it!


Now, this is something I'm turning around in my head some, possibly as a topic for a more expansive essay...but as a Gen Y-er that has been dragged around in the mud by the Baby Boomer heavy press, I'm getting a little tired of how the economic crisis seems to lie heavily on their post-war birth shoulders. They continue to demand benefits from taxes paid by everybody, but also continue to soak up all the available jobs for post-grad young Americans. Meanwhile, all the debts they've burdened us with still can't seem to save us. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much of the belief that we need to spend some money to make some money. But it seems like THESE guys got us into this mess and MY GENERATION is going to be saddled with the burnout for years to come. Maybe this is a biased opinion, but I stick by it.


I'm sorry, but these animals are hilarious/awesome. I saw my first Sand Dune Cat at the Berlin Zoo and was reminded of their excellence by some late night nature show. Just look at them. Adorable.


Emily S said...

Lacey you crack me up on seventeen different levels. Have you seen The Day After Tomorrow? Something about those horrible end-of-the-world movies just rings absolute hilarity to me. And oh yeah, pretty sure Star Trek is on my top 10 list to see right now. I might even agree to let Dave "force" me to see it for his birthday. Just for that I should get a "Wife of the Year" award. (wink)

Lacey! said...

Oh yes, I also saw Star Trek because I was "forced" to do so. My boyfriend then pointed out that I had suggested allowing him to "force" me to see it on like four different occasions, without prompting. I was pretty busted.