Friday, May 01, 2009

Beginnings are always awkward...

In conceptualizing this blog, I thought it best to conceive some sort of earth-shatteringly excellent essay so that I might astound and inspire in ways as yet unheard of.

I then realized that I was likely not capable of this, and settled on something straight from the heart. You know, like a bloggy poem on a rainy day. Only in paragraph form.

My intention with this blog is to comment on culture: on music and movies I deem interesting, on the news I read and the political debates such news stirs up, on fashion and fads, and on the culture as it develops and changes in increasingly globalized, increasingly self-aware societies.

It'd be foolish not to mention that my inspiration comes from the likes of Joel Stein, Jeffrey Eugenides, Ira Glass and a hodge podge of particularly astute stand-up comics, as much as I'd like to think I could ever achieve the taste level or impact of such voices. But I'd like to think of this little space as a contribution. My contribution, at least, entirely of my own whims and wits.

And thus, I give you The Exclamation! Point. Welcome

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