Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review: Frost/Nixon

Just finished watching Frost/Nixon. I'd been looking forward to this movie for some time, even though I am not as familiar with the Watergate hearings as I am other aspects of the eras politics, given that my schooling dealt primarily with foreign relations. In any event, I'd heard that the movie was well done. I'd of course wanted to see the play as well, and I was hoping that the movie would capture the intensity that the play is said to have.

I have to say that I liked the movie quite a bit. It might move a bit slow for those not interested in politics, but even so, I felt it did a good job of keeping pace, whereas most movies with similar subject matter tend to drone on. The writing was impeccable, and even more importantly, the acting was top notch. Michael Sheen (as David Frost) pulled off his role with a fine attention to detail and a vaguely smarmy smile that punctuated each line delivered with a certain level of poignancy. I also felt that Sam Rockwell's portrayal of James Weston, Jr. and Kevin Bacon's portrayal of Jack Brennan were both finely executed and added to the overall quality of the film.

However, my hat is off to Frank Langella and his portrayal of Richard Nixon. Though I say nothing that hasn't already been underscored and bold-face exclaimed in every review of the movie I've seen (not to mention lauded via Oscar nomination for Best Actor), Frank Langella breathes life into Nixon from the background of a story that slaughtered Nixon's reputation. It's hard to believe that one could feel bad for Nixon, even slightly, let alone empathize, in a heartfelt way, with the position he was put in by doing the Frost/Nixon interviews. Langella manages to showcase Nixon's strength and stoicness without eliminating his vulnerability, loneliness, and regret. It's really quite a captivating performance, and worth the watch alone.

Overall: A-

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Sahra said...

man movie was awesome. i felt so bad for nixon at the end. so weird.