Wednesday, May 27, 2009 = Amazing.

I've heard the name Etsy tossed around once or twice. I couldn't remember where or why, but when I stumbled across it in a google search for the perfect teapot, I gave a look. Turns out that Etsy is Amazing! I know I can't be the only one who has this opinion, but the word is not efficiently out, it would seem.

This design is by user ElysiumDesign and retails for 65 USD on

For those not in the know, Etsy is a website which allows people to buy and sell items that are handmade, typically things like art, housewares, clothing and jewelry. Essentially, it is the Ebay or artistic and creative endeavors, and the sellers can showcase their own goods through their own online store on the site. Which really, I think is a brilliant idea that truly showcases how the internet can benefit innovative markets.

This design is by user AmandaKenney and retails for 16 USD on

There are some downsides, I suppose. As I said, I was drawn to the site in search of a unique teapot. I found many amazing handpainted teapots, but my search for "teapot" also insured that I looked through about a HUNDRED tea cosies. Many of them were awesome, incidentally, but not what I was looking for. However, with a bit or prowess, one could narrow just about any search.

This design is by user CarolinaCottage and retails for 15 USD on

What really surprised me was the prices. They're incredibly reasonable. I've felt that whenever I stumble into craft fairs or boutique shops selling things by local artist, they're sort of horrendously overpriced. I get into this dilemma of "well, I'd really like to support local art, but I don't want to pay 35 dollars for a decoupaged coaster." And while that is possible on this site, I haven't found that it's the norm. Sellers seem very realistic about price point and that makes me, in turn, excited to support them.

I will definitely be making many purchases on in the very near future, and I urge you to do so as well. Because, I have to say, supporting a (possibly) starving artist is always a noble cause.

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Emily S said...

I <3 Etsy and even have my own store on it! It's Seriously, it's my new favorite place to shop and sell. Think about it - you can have a whole wardrobe that nobody else has and supporting artists at the same time! So cool!!