Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pogo is Neat

So there is this guy named Pogo and he is an electronic artist from Australia and he has gotten a lot of attention on the youtube and such for making these really intricate pieces composed entirely from one movie or scene from a movie, mostly kids movies from what I can tell. His best known piece is Alice (linked below) but he has some other really interesting pieces as well. I'm really digging it, so check it out!

Oh, and did I mention you can get all of his music for free here?

To see other videos, check out his youtube page.


Emily S said...

OMG THESE ARE SO COOL!! I had so much fun watching them! Thanks for sharing them!

Lacey! said...

Emily, you should go to the youtube site and check out his others, especially the harry potter one. I almost put that one up just for you, but I thought three videos was already a little overkill space-wise :)