Sunday, July 26, 2009

This Week (In My Opinion): Week of July 19th


Maybe it's just me, but if I have to hear one more thing about this couple, my brain is going to explode. I don't care. I don't care that they're divorcing, I don't care that Jon is dating young girls, I don't care that Kate is distraught. The one thing vaguely important in my opinion is the kids' wellbeing, and it seems like having their parents stop giving exclusive interviews to People Magazine is in their best interests. I'm a fan of reality tv generally, but this whole freakshow has played itself out.


It took me awhile to get the memo on Bon Iver. I'd heard them a few times...maybe it was just too high-pitched at times for me, and then that vocoder song turned me off, and maybe I was just too absorbed in Fleet Foxes the first time I heard them to get behind any other indie/folk/soft type stuff, but a persistent friend shared this one with me, and I finally got the picture. That line "I'm in love with your arm/I'm in love with your cheek" just kills me.


I have, as any Sim fan who has now acquired and or befriended someone who has acquired the Sims 3, been playing a possibly unhealthy amount lately. But it really is better than the past Sims games. A LOT has been improved upon, and you can tinker with just about every aspect of a Sims life. My personal favorite features are the improvements upon aging (as in, you actually age now) and childbirth (as in, your child does, too). In all I was pretty impressed, and if I had a nice running computer of my own, it would be well worth the fifty bucks. Luckily, the boyfriend doesn't seem to mind my playing it without fail each time I'm over.


Now, I have not yet seen 500 Days (of Summer), though I am looking forward to it. But every review I've read (and they've mostly been fairly positive) sites Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the reason the movie works. And I can believe that. It's hard to forget how endearing he was in something like 10 Things I Hate About You and his dramatic turns have been equally as successful. In general, I think he's way overlooked as an actor. Maybe he's not quite charming or handsome enough in the eye of most Hollywood execs, but I'll take a little less charming for a lot more acting chops any day of the week. I'm just glad to see a good actor getting some attention, and I hope that movie is good after all so I don't have to subsequently redact all these statements.


First she was on that killer scene of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List where she hob-knobbed with Kathy and her mother. Then there was that reporter who claimed Michael Jackson was going to be buried in the same cemetary as her, and he then had to be informed that Betty was not, in fact, dead. Then I saw this video...and it slayed me. Betty White is easily the funniest old lady I can think of, and this video almost convinced my manly boyfriend to see a chick flick: no small feat.


This cat is Panda. She's MY cat. And she looks like Hitler. Which makes her a Kitler. I thought for years that she would suffer this tragic (but um...still adorable) fate alone, until I discovered there were other Kitler owners out there, on Cats That Look Like Hitler. There are some top rated Kitlers that do, in fact, look more like the fascist leader than my Panda, but for me she is unmatched in cuteness. For a good laugh, read the I Love Kitlers and I Hate Kitlers links on the site to see some of their hate mail and love mail they've received over the years. Some excellent selections. New Kitlers added frequently!

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Emily S said...

John and Kate is really getting annoying. And the Proposal was good but amazingly I thought Betty White was the most obnoxious part of that movie, but apparently so far I am alone in that opinion. Oh well. :) Gonna make it to the finale with us tomorrow?? :-D