Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Haiku Poll #2: How does reality tv make you feel...?

Here are the results for Haiku Poll #2:

How does Reality TV make you feel, in haiku format?


Too cool for TV
A modern-day Kerouac
I don't wash myself

I'm glad to hear you're all so literary, but I was hoping to hear your opinions on Rock of Love Charm School with Ricki Lake, myself.

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How does global warming make you feel, in haiku format?

- This is why I'm hot/This is why, this is why, this/is why I'm hot, dog.
- I think it's a farce/The planet can just suck it/Also, AIDS is fake
- What a travesty/Europe has us beat, we suck/SUVs aren't cool
- Always recycle/And use a trendy tote bag/Doing my part, right?

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