Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From NPR: Almost 3/4 of Doctors Support Public Option

Just found an interesting story on doctor's opinions and healthcare reform. I originally heard it on NPR "All Things Considered" yesterday afternoon and found the print version. Some highlights from the article:

  • 63% of doctors favor a plan that would include a public option as well as the freedom to purchase private insurance. This is the plan supported by Barack Obama and many others, including this particular blogger
  • Another 10% of those doctors polled say they support a public option only
  • The survey found that the support was widespread and did not differ much between specialists and generalists or those salaried or in private practice.
  • Many of the doctors who wanted a public option were AMA members, despite the fact the AMA is opposed to a public option

I stole this graph from the NPR article, linked above

What this means is that compared with polls conducted on the general public (ostensibly, patients), doctors are more in favor of a public option and that much of the political dissonance surrounding healthcare which uses doctors as an example of who might be victimized by such reform is inaccurate, at least with regard to an overwhelming majority of doctor's opinions. Certainly something to chew on.

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Emily S said...

I do love the idea of the government stepping up to help those who need healthcare and can't get it through their jobs or can't afford it. The big problem I have, though, with Obama's plan is something that's in the "fine print" that is a big issue. For those of us who have healthcare already and like it, yes, we can keep it for awhile because it's "government approved." But, as soon as they change ANYTHING about the policy (which they do every single year) then it's no longer "government approved" and we get dropped and then are forced to buy the government's version. On the one hand, this does keep insurance companies from jacking up the prices super high without telling anyone, but on the other hand we have to go through and rechoose our healthcare every year so we already know the changes they have to make. I want to be able to have the choice to stay with my healthcare even if they change something, which is not an option in the Obama plan. Just my two cents.